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VIEGA 77437 Propress Zero Lead Copper Tee 4

VIEGA 77437 Propress Zero Lead Copper Tee with 1" x 3/4" Press x


VIEGA 77437 Propress Zero Lead Copper Tee with 1" x 3/4" Press x

Product description

Size:10 Pack

VIEGA propress has helped installers across the world reduce installation time, save money and increase reliability on the job site. Built to last, VIEGA fittings are heavier than type K Copper, the most robust plumbing material on the market. Viega's patented smart connect feature identifies unpressed connections during testing so that they are not missed. Only VIEGA offers the smart connect feature. Meets or Exceeds the most rigorous testing Codes and standards in north America.

VIEGA 77437 Propress Zero Lead Copper Tee with 1" x 3/4" Press x

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